Buena Vista – York Township
Post Office: 1866 – 1880
Location: 40.778619 -84.551804 
on SR 709 at the intersection with Mendon Rd
Remnants: old buildings in the area
Description: This small farming town had  an L shaped block of businesses on the southeast corner of the intersection.

Dasie – Harrison Township
Post Office: 1881 – 1904
Location: unknown, was near the middle of the township

East Wren – Willshire Township
Location: 40.793806 -84.746676   
on Harrison Willshire Rd between Wren – Landeck Rd & Glenmore Rd at the former Railroad Crossing
Remnants: East Wren Cemetery on Cemetery Rd south off of Wren – Landeck Rd
Description: East Wren was a mile or so southeast of Wren along the Erie Railroad. Residents were buried in East Wren Cemetery.

Frances – Harrison Township
Post Office: 1893 – 1903
Location: unknown, was in the southeastern portion of the township

Leslie – Willshire Township
Post Office: 1858 – 1891
Location: 40.800733 -84.794335 
on Leslie Rd between Wren & the Indiana border
Remnants: none known
Description: The town was founded by members of the Leslie family in the area.

Liggett – Union Township
Post Office: 1888 – 1903
Location: unknown
Description: It was founded by members of the Liggett family in the area.

MacAdam – York Township
Location: 40.771238 -84.551793   
on Mendon Rd at the intersection of Jonestown Western Rd along Mown Prairie Creek
Remnants: none known

Location: unknown
Description: none found

Shasta – Liberty Township
Post Office: 1880 – 1904
Location: 40.771431 -84.571355   
on Greenville Rd between SR 709 & Walnut Grove Rd along Mown Prairie Creek
Remnants: none known
Description: Shasta was a small farming & merchant town on the Toledo, St. Louis, & Western Railroad.


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