Cooperstown – Townsend Township
Location: 41.364979 -82.877580 
on Coppa Rd at the intersection of Fuller Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: The town was founded by the Stark brothers, James, Lorenzo, John, & Albert, who were coopers (barrel makers) in the early 1900s.

Demasville (Demassville)
Post Office: 1856 – 1860
Location: unknown
Description: none found

Exeter (Wales Corners) – York Township
Post Office: 1852 – 1864
Location: 41.315771 -82.902593
on S Ridge Rd (Co Rd 175) at the intersection of Wales Corner Rd

Remnants: Wales Corners Cemetery in the northeast lot of the intersection, former one-room schoolhouse in the northwest lot of the intersection
Description: The town had a baptist church at Wales Corner Cemetery, the school (now a private residence), & a blacksmith shop & wagon shop on the Colvin farm in the southeast corner of the intersection. Henry Nichols (1812 – 1882) from Vermont was the postmaster. He arrived in the township in 1836 & built a hotel in Clyde called the Nichols House in 1867. Henry was buried with relatives in McPherson Cemetery 4 miles west of the GPS coordinates at the intersection of SR 101 (E Maple St) & Hwy 20 in Clyde. Some members of the Colvin family were laid to rest with other residents of Exeter in Wales Corners Cemetery.

Gibsonburg Junction – Woodville Township
Location: 41.432531 -83.318546   
on US 20 at the intersection with SR 300 & Magsig Rd
Remnants: old buildings in the area, former school now a private residence in the lot southeast of the GPS coordinates
Description: Gibsonburg Junction was a crossroads town between the Pennsylvania & Northwestern Railroad & Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway.

Hoovers Corners – Ballville Township
Location: 41.263752 -83.131161     
on Tiffin Rd at the intersection of Deran Rd
Remnants: Decker (Hoover) Cemetery on the west side of Tiffin Rd north of the intersection
Description: This small farming town was founded by Lawrence Hoover (1807 – 1882) & Mary Hoover (1811 – 1889). They were buried in the cemetery with two of their children who passed away at young ages, also named Lawrence & mary.

Teemes (Teems) – Townsend Township
Post Office: 1891 – 1906
Location: 41.414496 -82.862966   
on Teems Rd between US 6 (Chickasaw Trail) & Yetter Rd
Remnants: old buildings in the area
Description: Teemes was a prosperous farming & postal town with a school. George A. Cowell (1862 – 1948) was the postmaster. He was buried with relatives 5 miles southeast of the GPS coordinates in Castalia Cemetery on Bardwell Rd in Castalia in Margaretta Township, Erie County.

Tousaint – Woodville Township
Location: 41.479458 -83.387556   
on Rife Rd between Trapp Rd & Emch Rd along Toussaint Creek
Remnants: none known
Description: This small town sat on the Pennsylvania & Northwestern Railroad, formerly the Toledo, Tiffin, & Eastern Railroad.

York North Ridge – York Township
Post Office: 1833 – 1855
Location: unknown
Description: The town was named  after the York family in the county & the sand ridge it was on. Josel Sizer was the fist postmaster. He was succeeded by C. S. Shults. Samuel Sizer was the next postmaster, followed by George H. Jones, & C. S. Shults again took on the position until the office was discontinued.

York South Ridge – Greencreek Township
Post Office: 1850 – 1852
Location: 41.279152 -82.975109   
on S Ridge Rd at the intersection of S Main St
Description: The town was named after the the York family in the county & the sand ridge it was on.


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