Newville, OH – (1823 – 1940s farming & mill town abandoned during a flood control project on the Mohican River)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Worthington Township, Richland County – On US 95 at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Rd

The town was founded by John Frederick Herring (1767 – 1832) in 1823, a few years after he built a grist mill on Clear Fork Creek. He is buried in Newville Cemetery off of the u-shaped road across from where Pleasant Hill Rd runs into US 95. The town was named after Newville, Pennsylvania where John Herring was born. It grew to have a few stores, several churches, a school, & a post office that ran from 1830 – 1906. Pennyroyal Distilleries also operated near Newville & employed several local residents.

Newville Church was built in 1911 & moved to a less flood prone area. It still sits at the corner of O’Possum Run Rd & Swigart Rd. The demise of Newville becoming a ghost town was a two stage process. First the railroads passed it up & instead had stations in Butler & Perrysville, both about 4 miles from Newville. The town population didn’t grow much in the late 1800s & early 1900s. Later in the early 1940s, the Army Corps Of Engineers advised the remaining residents to leave because of a dam that was being built on the Mohican River. There are still some foundations & partial buildings from Newville left in the woods on the west side of Pleasant Hill Lake.


Riblet, OH (Riblet Corners) – Richland County (1830s – 1860s farming town abandoned over time)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Sandusky & Springfield Townships, Richland County – On SR 309 near the intersection of Horning Rd

Revolutionary War veteran Christian Riblet (1761 – 1844) & Christina Magdalene (Shull) Riblet (1763 – 1852) moved from Pennyslvania to Richland County in 1831. They had 4 children including their son Daniel who served in the state senate from 1854 – 1856. The Riblet’s farm was a well known stagecoach stop for people traveling between Mansfield & Bucyrus. It served as an inn, a tavern, & had a post office from 1836 – 1860. The town didn’t consist of much more than the Riblet’s farm, a chapel, & a few other farms. Christian & Christina Riblet are buried with several of their family members in Riblet Cemetery on SR 309 about 1/2 mile east of Horning Rd close to the Sandusky & Springfield Township border.



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