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Belmore, OH – (1862 – present farming, mill, & railroad town with less residents than in the past)

Classification: semi – ghost town

Location: Van Buren Township, Putnam County – On Main St off of SR 65

Belmore was platted in 1862 by Wesley G. Montgomery (1813 – 1892) Julia (Plummer) Montgomery (1825 – 1859) with a power of attorney from Julia’s parents Benjamin & Mary Ann Plummer, who owned the land at the time. It was initially called Montgomeryville but the name changed in 1868 to coincide with the post office that was named Belmore. The town had 17 plots to start out with, & began to expand with a station on the Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton Railroad in 1869.

In the 1870s, Belmore had a mill, hotel, a couple of grocery stores, & several other small stores & businesses. The population peaked in the 1880s with around 450 residents. Although Belmore was a railroad town, it didn’t get any big businesses in the 1900s to make the population boom. A school was built in 1904 & unfortunately was destroyed in a fire in 1958. The railroad station eventually closed, as did the post office in 1964.

These days, Belmore has a newer railroad line running through its center but no train station. A CSX train passed by when we were there in July 2014. The old town hall built in 1908 sits abandoned on Main St near an empty church. There are also several other old abandoned businesses on Main St & the town’s cemeteries, East & West Belmore, are on Road Y. It’s a cool place to swing by right off of SR 65 with a close-knit community of about 120 residents.


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