Boetia – Center Township
Post Office: 1850 – 1865
Location: unknown
Description: It was listed as a postal town in the Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-61.

Brehm – Liberty Township
Post Office: 1890 – 1897
Location: 40.622501, -84.746880   
on Wabash Rd along Black Creek between Shaadt Rd & Oregon Rd
Remnants: St. Pauls Church & Cemetery at the GPS coordinates, St. Pauls United Church of Christ Cemetery at the intersection of Wabash Rd & Oregon Rd
Description: German immigrant John Brehm (1828 – 1907) arrived in the U.S. sometime around 1848 with a fine education & a few years of being a skilled baker. He originally settled in Montgomery County, turned into a self taught farmer, & had 8 children with his first wife Mary Lower. John remarried after Mary passed away & had 3 more children with Margaretha Johanna Bollenbacher Brehm (1833 – 1897).  In 1872 John & Margaretha moved their family to a recently purchased 100 acre farm in Mercer County where many other German immigrants were already living. Like many other communities mostly consisting of large farms during the time period, Brehm wasn’t platted out or incorporated, but it had a post office from 1890 – 1897 that was probably either run by John or one of his children. A one room school sat at the corner of Wabash Rd & Shaadt Rd. The Brehms also donated land & funds for St. Paul’s Lutheran Evangelical Church & were actively involved in local schools & politics. It was the largest family in the area with some of John’s siblings & cousins raising families there too. Despite never being completely abandoned, the town name only lasted 50 years or so. Brehm was great for farming & living a religious life, but didn’t have big businesses or a hotel to bring in travelers & couldn’t attract a canal or railroad as a result. John & Margaretha Brehm were buried in St. Paul’s United Church Of Christ Cemetery at the intersection of Wabash Rd & Oregon Rd with many relatives. More Brehms can also be found in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery on Wabash Rd between Oregon Rd & Shaadt Rd. We suspect the building in the lot of the Lutheran Cemetery might be the old one room schoolhouse & was moved from Shaadt Rd at some point.

Byrds Station (Birds Station) – Union Township
Location: 40.688293, -84.456149 
on Mercer Van Wert County Line Rd between Shelley Rd & Deep Cut Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: Joseph Bird donated land for a train station on the Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton Railway. Ironically the Parrott family was one of the biggest in the area. Some residents were buried in Hussey Cemetery on the south side of Deep Cut Rd across from the end of Elgin Rd.

Coil Town (Coiltown) – Union Township
Location: 40.695167, -84.484807   
on Coil Rd between Shelley Rd & Deep Cut Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: It was platted in 1823 by Andrew Coil (1770 – 1845) who hoped the town would be the future county seat. The town didn’t sell many lots or last long, but Andrew had 12 children, 6 with Elizabeth (Foster) Coil (d. 1850) & 6 with Frances (Conrad) Coil (1768 – 1824) who did well around Mendon. Andrew moved out of the county before passing away.

Deep Cut – Union Township
Post Office: dates not listed
Location: unknown
Description: It’s listed as a postal town in the 1854 A New And Complete Gazetteer Of The United States. The town name refers to a certain stretch of the Miami & Erie Canal that was dug 50 feet deep, instead of the usual 5 – 10 feet. Deep Cut Historical Park on SR 66 outside of Spencerville, Allen County has a preserved section of the cut.

Earley (Oregon Station) – Hopewell Township
Post Office: 1881 – 1912
Location: 40.611405, -84.590160   
on Oregon Rd at the intersection with Weitz Rd along Twelvemile Creek
Remnants: Union Cemetery on the north side of Oregon Rd west of the GPS coordinates, Roberts Cemetery on the north side of Oregon Rd east of the GPS coordinates
Description: Oregon Station sat on the Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton Railway. Its general store & post office called Earley was on the east side of Weitz Rd near Oregon Rd. Samuel Brookhart (1829 – 1916) & Mary Ann (Sinift) Brookhart (1830 – 1894) donated land for the train station & were buried in Roberts Cemetery.

Grove Crossing – Union Township
Location: unknown, was between Mendon & Byrds Station
Description: It sat on the Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton Railway & has only been spotted on a railroad map from 1898.

Guilford (Mendon) – Union Township
Post Office: 1839 – date
Location: 40.673377, -84.518645   
on SR 707 at the intersection of E Market St
Description: Guilford is listed as a ghost town in several places online, but it’s just the original name of Mendon when it was platted in 1834. It was changed by 1839 when the post office was established.

Post Office: 1858 – 1861
Location: unknown

Reservoir (Reservoir Station) – Jefferson Township
Post Office: 1856 – 1884
Location: 40.553333, -84.494066   
on Riley Rd at the railroad crossing between SR 29 & SR 703
Remnants: none known
Description: This town sat on the Lake Shore & Western Railroad. It’s proprietor was Calvin Riley (1830 – 1914) who owned . He was buried with relatives in North Grove Cemetery on US 127 (N Main St) in Celina.

South Celina – Jefferson Township
Location: unknown, was on the west side of Grand Lake
Description: none found

Steinman (Steineman Station) – Marion Township
Location: 40.365562, -84.493754   
on SR 716 at the intersection with Indian Trail Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: It was founded by the Steinman family in the area which has a few surname variations. The town had a steam saw mill & a train station on the Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton Railway.

Striptown – Liberty & Hopewell Township
Location: 40.589213, -84.689404   
on Township Line Rd at the intersection with Sleucher Rd along Prairie Creek
Remnants: old houses in the area
Description: none found

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