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Mac-O-Chee, OH – (1870s – present castle town)

Classification: small town

Location: Monroe Township, Logan County – Mac-A-Cheek Castle is at 10051 Township Rd 47 just south of SR 245 & Mac-O-Chee Castle is on County Rd 1 north of the intersection of SR 287

The Piatt Castles in Logan County were built by the sons of Judge Benjamin Piatt (1779 – 1863) & Elizabeth (Barnett) Piatt (1780 – 1867). Both of them were started in 1864. Abram Sanders Piatt (1821 – 1908) constructed Mac-A-Cheek Castle which was completed in 1871. His brother Donn Piatt (1819 – 1881) built Mac-O-Chee & that it was finished in 1879. Abram was a politician, poet, & farmer & Donn was a journalist & poet.

They accumulated large collections of oddities & interesting artifacts from around the area & displayed them in the castles. The surrounding town had a post office from 1881 – 1888. The Piatts were buried in Mac-A-Cheek Cemetery on Township Rd 47 about 3/10 of a mile south of the castle. Tours were started by family descendants in 1912 & still continue to this day.

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