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Carpenters Mills, OH (Liberty Settlement) – (1804 – early 1900s mill & farming town abandoned over time)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Liberty Township, Delaware County – On Chapman Rd off of US 23 (Columbus Pike)

In 1801 Revolutionary War veteran Nathan Carpenter (1757 – 1814) built a saw & grinding mill on the banks of the Olentangy River. More mills were constructed in the area over the next few decades. It was originally called Liberty Settlement but the town name changed around the time it got a post office that was in existence from 1832 – 1837. Nathan was buried on his family farm but there’s a memorial for him next to the Liberty Cemetery at Liberty Presbyterian Church. It’s Ohio Historical marker # 15 – 21 at the corner of Olentangy River Rd & Home Rd.

Later in 1844, a new grist mill was built in town along the Olentangy River. It was purchased by George Beiber (1803 – 1854) & Mary (Rahn) Beiber in 1848. Their sons James Beiber (1830 – 1905) & Henry Beiber (1835 – 1917) took over the mill production after their father died. They added on to the wooden grist mill with a stone sawmill in 1877 but couldn’t keep up the payments on the debt owed for the expansion. The mill was auctioned off in 1889 & changed ownership several more times over the years. The wooden grist mill was destroyed in a fire but the stone mill still stands between Chapman Rd & the river about 1 & 1/2 miles south of US 23.

The Crist Taver Millworks Boarding house was built in 1835 at 2966 Olentangy River Rd & is on the National Register Of Historic Places. George & Mary Beiber’s farmhouse is at 2010 Stratford Rd, Delaware, OH & was listed on the National register of Historic Places in 1991. The Beiber family was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery on Sandusky St in Delaware, OH.


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