Arrowsmiths – Farmer Township
Post Office: 1843 – 1866
Location: 41.350111, -84.671121
on SR 2 at the intersection with Ensign Rd
Description: Lost Creek Cemetery on SR 2 north of the GPS Coordinates, former school across the street from the cemetery at the intersection of Dalrymple Rd
Description: The town was founded by Miller Arrowsmith (1808 – 1893) & Celinda (Caraway) Arrowsmith (1813 – 1849) who bought a farm at Lost Creek & had a couple of children. Miller built a mill, operated the post office & was a county surveyor. The Arrowsmiths were buried in Lost Creek Cemetery. The old school is now a private residence.

Ashwood – Defiance & Delaware Township
Post Office: 1879 – 1880
Location: 41.255882, -84.457169
on Ashwood Rd  around the railroad tracks between Defiance Paulding County Line Rd & US 24

Remnants: none known
Descripton: The proprietors were the Harmening family. It was a farming town with a train station on the Wabash Railway.

Cicero (Cicero Corners) – Milford & Hicksville Township
Post Office: 1852 – 1901
Location: 41.339494, -84.709400     
on Cicero Rd at the intersection with Huber Rd along North Fork Gordon Creek
Remnants: Six Corners Cemetery on the south side of SR 2 between Cicero Rd & Lake Rd
Description: Cicero had a few small businesses but was mostly a farming town.

Clarksville – Milford Township 
Location: 41.422272, -84.768013   
on Williams Defiance County Line Rd at the intersection of Hicksville Edgerton Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: It was platted in 1836 by Elisha Clark. During the heyday it had two stores, two taverns, & two doctors.

Domersville – Adams Township
Post Office: 1892 – 1899
Location: 41.384157, -84.324051   
on Domersville Rd at the intersection of Coressel Rd
Remnants: Domersville Cemetery south of the GPS coordinates on the west side of Domersville Rd between Coressel Rd & Mekus Rd, former school next to cemetery. 
Description: It was founded by Joshua Domer (1842 – 1915 & Mary Elizabeth (Sullivan) Domer (1848 – 1918). They were buried with relatives in Poplar Ridge Cemetery on Adams Ridge Rd.

Glenburg – Washington & Tiffin Township
Post Office: 1893 – 1905
Location: 41.425050, -84.459115   
on Glenburg Rd between Defiance Williams County Line Rd & Scott Rd
Remnants: old houses & farms in the area
Description: It was another small farming & postal town.

Lawtonville – Milford Township
Location: 41.368106, -84.786347   
on Casebeer Miller Rd at the intersection with Seevers Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: It was founded by the Lawton family in the area.

McCauleys – Tiffin Township
Post Office: 1860 – 1864
Location: 41.369719, -84.419019   
on Evansport Rd at the intersection of Kammeyer Rd
Remnants: McCauley Cemetery at the intersection
Description: The town founders were Phillip McCauley (1823 – 1892) & Mary (Wissler) McCauley      (1819 – 1899) who moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania. They had 6 children & a 160 acre farm. Phillip was also a school director, justice of the peace, & township trustee. They were buried in the cemetery with relatives.

Midway – Richland Township
Location: 41.275048, -84.266056   
on Harris Rd at the railroad crossing between SR 281 & Standley Rd
Remnants: old houses & farms in the area
Description: Midway sat on the B & O Railroad.

Millport – Milford Township
Location: unknown, was in the northwestern portion of the township along the Saint Joseph River
Description: none found

Milo – Milford Township
Post Office: 1851 – 1884
Location: 41.382755, -84.726255   
on SR 249 between Lake Rd & Cicero Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: The founders were township pioneers George Chapman (1802 – 1870) & Marcissa (Hopkins) Chapman (1802 – 1870). They were buried with relatives in Farmer Cemetery on Cemetery Rd in Farmer Township.

Nebo – Mark Township
Post Office: 1890 – 1904
Location: 41.267012, -84.669177   
on Jericho Rd along Gordon Creek at the intersection with Breininger Rd
Remnants: former one room schoolhouse in the lot at the northwest corner of the intersection, Spindler Cemetery on the west side of Breininger Rd south of the GPS coordinates
Description: Nebo was founded & named by Civil War veteran George Spealman (1834 – 1915) who operated a general store & ran the post office. The town also had a saw mill, cider mill, & a school. George was buried in Spindler Cemetery.

Oakland – Adams Township
Location: unknown, was in the southeast corner of the township in section 36
Description: none found

Snooksville – Delaware Township
Post Office: 1851 – 1861
Location: 41.283909, -84.515686   
on The Bend Rd at the intersection of Main St & stretched to the other side of the Maumee River
Remnants: Blue Cemetery on the west side of the end of Jacobs Trail Rd toward the river, Saint Stephens Catholic cemetery on the east side of The Bend Rd south of the railroad tracks
Description: The town was founded by the Snook family in the area.

Whites Mills – Delaware Township
Post Office: 1875 – 1876
Location: 41.275372, -84.460155   
on County Rd 424 between Ashwood Rd & Tittle Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: This mill & business town sat on the B & O Railroad. It had a hotel, two saw mills, & a large frame school.

Wilseyville – Farmer Township
Post Office: 1865 – 1883
Location: 41.354244, -84.669194   
on SR 2 at the intersection of Blosser Rd
Remnants: Lost Creek Cemetery at the GPS coordinates
Description: John Derrick Wilsey (1828 – 1870) built a boat oar factory on the north side of Miller Arrowsmith’s farm & opened a post office. Workers lived in scattered houses around the area. John was born in New York, got married in Pennsylvania before going to Ohio & ended up in Minnesota.

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