Cedarville – Richland Township
Location: unknown, was 50 miles southwest of Columbus
Description: This small farming town had a Baptist church & was listed in the Ohio Gazetteer books from 1929 – 1841.

Macedonia – Washington Township
Post Office: 1871 – 1872
Location: 39.328999 -83.859235 
on Macedonia Rd at the intersection of Hunter Rd
Remnants: none known
Description: Madedonia was never platted. It had a church, school, blacksmith shop, & about 10 houses in its heyday of the 1870s.

Morgantown – Green Township
Location: 39.345310 -83.711797 
on SR 73 between SR 729 & Levo Rd
Remnants: Swingley Farm (Morgantown) Cemetery on the northeast of SR 73 behind the house between SR 729 & Levo Rd
Description: Morgan Van Meter (Matre) (1765 – 1813) & Mary (Pierce) Van Meter were the first settlers in Clinton County & had 10 children. Morgan built a small tavern close to East Fork around 1800, the first opened between Chillicothe & Cincinnati. He was a surveyor & convinced local officials to run a newly proposed road (present day SR 73) through his land. Morgan then constructed a larger tavern & hotel along the road. He passed away in 1813 & is reportedly buried under SR 73 near where the tavern was. The town was later platted in 1816 by Isaac Pearson Jr. & Mary Van Meter but only had a few houses. Residents were buried in Swingley Farm (Morgantown) Cemetery.

Ogles – Liberty Township
Location: 39.540616 -83.831593 
on Gano Rd between Hiney Rd & Bailey Rd
Remnants – New Burlington – Oglesbee Cemetery on private property about 500 feet east of McKay Rd south of New Burlington Rd
Description: It was along the Dayton, Toledo, & Ironton Railroad on land owned by Reese Oglesbee (1820 – 1875) & Ann (Shambaugh) Oglesbee (1835 – 1916). They had a couple of children, a nice farm, & were buried with many relatives in New Burlington – Oglesbee Cemetery. The land the cemetery is on was owned by Reese’s parents, John Oglesbee (1786 – 1840) & Sarah (Stump) Oglesbee (1791 – 1873), who were pioneers in the county & had 8 children.

Quinn’s Mills – Wayne Township
Post Office: 1849 – 1852
Location: 39.440084 -83.615746   
on Hornbeam Rd at the intersection of SR 729
Remnants: none known
Description: The town was founded by David Quinn (1804 – 1867) who was a farmer, stock dealer, built a grist & saw mill, & was a representative in the state legislature from 1857 – 1858. It also had a school & church. David was buried with relatives in Sugar Grove Cemetery on W Truesdell St in Wilmington.

Clinton New Burlington rt 380

New Burlington, OH – (1803 – 1971 partially abandoned during the Caesar Creek Lake flood control project)

Classification: small town

Location: Chester Township, Clinton County & Spring Valley Township, Greene County – In Caesar Creek State Park on a gravel road (the old main street) just north of the intersection of SR 380 & Roxanna New Burlington Rd

New Burlington is a farming & mill town first settled by Aaron Jenkins (1750 – 1807) who came from Tennessee in 1799. He donated land for the cemetery & was the first person buried there. New Burlington hit its peak population around 400 residents in 1880. The town had a few churches, a post office that ran from 1837-1971, & a train station on the Columbus, Washington, & Cincinnati Railroad (Grasshopper) from 1878 – 1933. It also had several grocery & general stores over the years as well, as everything else the town needed at any given time, including a shoe shop, tailor, tannery, blacksmith, saw mill, planning mill, school & two doctors in the late 1800s.

The last grocery store that existed was located across from where a small set of concrete steps still stand, about 10 feet from the right side of the old main street. The gravel road turns into a concrete road & the main street bridge is the next sight to see. There are plenty of parking spots on the other side.

Some barely visible foundations are in the area & occasionally other objects left behind can be found. During one of our expeditions, we came across a very old 7 ounce soda bottle made by the Star City Bottling Co. of Miamisburg, OH & a nickel hinge from an ice box in a decaying parking lot in the woods. Lawrence Mitchner (1886 – 1973) & Ethel (Compton) Mitchner (1894 – 1964) were the last remaining residents who wouldn’t sell off their land in town before the flood control project began. They are also buried in the cemetery. New Burlington is still a populated area but its center has moved south a bit.

Clinton Sabina US 22 SR 3 east of town

Sabina, OH – (1830 – present farming & tourist town)

Classification: historic town

Location: Richland Township, Clinton County – On US 22 at the intersection of Howard St

Sabina became a tourist destination when an unknown man was found dead & put on display at a local funeral home. Over a million people visited between 1929 & 1964 but no one could identify him. He was named Eugene by the townspeople & was finally laid to rest in Sabina Cemetery. There are also many other cool old sights to see around town & on the outskirts, but Sabina mostly made our historical communities list because of Eugene’s story.

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