Baker – Jackson Township
Post Office: 1830 – 1862 & 1882 – 1882
Location: 40.072465 -83.9609871  
on St Paris – New Carlisle Rd along Blacksnake Creek between SR 55 & Troy Urbana Rd
Remnants: old houses & farms in the area
Description: It was founded by a branch of the Baker family in the township & just had the post office & a small cluster of houses. 

Brush Lake – Rush Township
Location: 40.168228 -83.577191 
on Brush Lake Rd at the former railroad track crossing between McCarty Rd & Urbana Woodstock Pike
Remnants: none known
Description: The earliest known settlement was by William Pickerell who built a grist mill on the stream leading out of the lake in 1803. James Glendening (1795 – 1876) & Mary (Van Horn) Glendening (1793 – 1858) moved to Ohio from Virginia in 1829. Shortly after that, they purchased 155 acres surrounding Brush Lake. James & Mary had 12 children in total. 8 of them survived to adulthood. Brush Lake was a fine farming town but didn’t have much else other than a local township school & a picnic ground south of the lake across the former railroad tracks. It was on the Pan Handle Route of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PCC & St. L) but was likely just a flag stop. James & Mary were buried with relatives in Black Cemetery on the north side of Dunn Burton Rd.  

Clover Run – Union Township
Location: 40.032806 -83.603589 
on Brigner Rd southwest of SR 56
Remnants: Hopewell Cemetery on the north side of the GPS coordinates 
Description: Its only notoriety was from a brutal brawl between Solomon Weaver & Philip Groves, due to a sort of Romeo & Juliet type of relationship between their children. Solomon’s oldest daughter Anna was 18 at the time & was courted by one of Philip’s sons, James Groves. The fathers didn’t care at all for each other, simply because of where they lived, the Groves family on Clover Run & the Weaver family on the Darby Plains. They had an encounter at William Kelly’s tavern in Mechanicsburg where an election was being held on November 8, 1837. After getting into a heated argument, William, who was also the constable, suggested they duke it out. The fight lasted about an hour with both men sustaining substantial wounds. The onlooking crowd feared them dead as they laid on the ground & neither could move a muscle. Solomon & Philip were treated by doctors & eventually recovered. They made amends & gave consent to the courtship between their children.  

Coffin Station (Coffins) – Mad River Township
Location: 40.040058 -83.902988 
on Thackery Rd at the railroad crossing between the intersections of Coffin Station Rd along Chapman Creek
Remnants: none known
Description: Eliza J. Coffin donated land for a train station on the Ohio Southern Railroad.

Concord Mills – Concord & Mad River Township
Location: 40.130027 -83.809881 
on Millerstown Rd at the intersection of River Rd along Mad River
Remnants: Kenton Memorial Cemetery on the north side of Millerstown Road west of River Rd 
Description: The town was originally settled in the first decade of the 1800s & had several grist & saw mills on Mad River & Muddy Creek over the decades. They were mostly built by the Arrowsmith & Kenton families. Mason Arrowsmith (1806 – 1880) provided a lengthy description of the area’s early days for the 1872 History Of Champaign And Logan Counties. His maternal grandfather, William Kenton (1737 – 1822), also lived in Concord Mills & was a brother of famed frontiersman & war veteran Simon Kenton (1755 – 1836). Simon saved the settlers of Concord Mills from complete annihilation by local natives, led by Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, when Mason was just 6 weeks old. Simon’s appearance & warning to the natives deterred them from attacking. Mason was buried with many relatives in Kenton Memorial Cemetery.

Crimville – Goshen & Rush Township
Location: 40.131476 -83.583439 
on US 36 at the intersection of Parkview Rd
Remnants: Treacle Cemetery on Parkview Rd south of the intersection, Sodom – Clark Cemetery on the south side of US 36 8/10 (.8) mile east of the intersection, former one room schoolhouse on the north side of US 36 between the GPS coordinates & cemetery 
Description: Crimville was named after John Crim who operated a store in the northwest corner of Goshen Township. A Methodist Episcopal Church stood at Treacle Cemetery & a mill across the street along Treacle Creek was owned by the Woodward family. It was discontinued in the late 1870s, sold in 1883, & was moved & converted to a barn. The former one room schoolhouse on US 36 in Rush Township, which served residents of Crimville, is now a private residence. 

Dallas – Urbana Township
Location: 40.047545 -83.779188 
on US 68 at the intersection of Dallas Rd
Remnants: none known 
Description: It was founded by James Dallas (1778 – 1871) from Ireland & Isabella (Sproat) Dallas (1788 – 1843) who had 9 children & a nice farm. They moved to the county around 1810. James was a judge & county commissioner. The town had a school & harness shop. The Atlantic & Great Western Railroad went through Dallas but it didn’t have a train station. James & Isabella were buried with relatives in Oak Dale Cemetery on Patrick Ave in Urbana. 

Funk – Salem Township
Location: 40.170042 -83.744272
on US 68 at the intersection of Kingscreek Rd
Remnants: old houses & farms in the area
Description: The town was founded by Daniel Funk (1786 – 1879) & Frances (Kenaga) Funk (1784 – 1867) who moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1837 & had 3 children. It was a good farming town but didn’t have any other big industries & fell off the maps before 1900. Daniel & Frances were buried with relatives in Oak Dale Cemetery on Patrick Ave in Urbana.

Post Office – 1858 – 1859


Post Office: 1896 – 1902





Jennings Park


Post Office: 1887 – 1901

Post Office: 1905 – 1915

Post Office: 1888 – 1892

New York

Old Pimtown






Steinberger (Steinburger)
Post Office: 1886 – 1887


Tharps Run


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