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Alexandria, OH (Bonneyfiddle) – (1799 – 1803 pioneer & river town abandoned due to the threat of flooding)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Washington Township, Scioto County – Near the south end of Careys Run – Pond Creek Rd close to the Ohio River

The town was surveyed by Alexander Parker in 1799 & named after him, despite the fact that his brother Thomas Parker actually owned the land. Most of the residents moved a few years later to a nearby area they called Bonneyfiddle, which was on higher ground & a lot less prone to flooding. In 1803 Bonneyfiddle was annexed into the faster growing town of Portsmouth which later became the county seat.  Unfortunately there are no known remnants left from the original town of Alexandria, but that area still goes by the same name for census purposes & Portsmouth has its Bonneyfiddle Historic District which is centered around the intersection of US 23 & SR 73.


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