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Jefferson Township

 41.583106 -84.497171   on County Rd 17 between US 20A & Brown Rd

no known remnants

38.9856244 -83.5796411  It was a small farming town with a church & school in the 1870s & sat on the Wabash Railroad in the early 1900s but didn't have a train station.

Deer lick

Madison & Superior Township

1847 - 1889

 41.617550 -84.574395   on Airport Hwy at the intersection with County Rd N

no known remnants

The town was named after a local spring which was a little salty & attracted deer. The proprietors were Elias Barrett (c. 1796 - 1870) & Elizabeth (Herbst) Barrett. 


St. Joseph Township

 41.488384 -84.729400   on Township Rd 5G at the intersection of County Rd E-75 along the St. Joseph River

historical marker at the site, old houses & farms in the area

It was platted around 1836 by Judge Payne C. Parker & was the first village in Williams County. Denmark had a public square, general store, tavern, school, church, & an ashery. It never attracted a railroad though & couldn't compete with nearby towns which were growing faster.


Pulaski Township

 41.427828 -84.555506   on County Rd 14 at the intersection of Williams Defiance County Line Rd along Lick Creek

no known remnants

Freedom was platted in 1836 by Montgomery Evans, Nathan Shirley, & Thomas Warren. It was intended to be a centrally located future county seat when Williams & Defiance were together. The town was abandoned in 1842 & the counties later split up.


Bridgewater Township

 41.621450 -84.659813   on County Rd 8-50 at the intersection of County Rd N-30

Heritage Cemetery at the GPS coordinates

This mid 1800s crossroads town had a church, school, lumber company & a steam saw mill next to Nettle Creek. Many residents were buried in the cemetery.

Lukes Corners

Florence Township

1854 - 1867

 41.570927 -84.749699   on County Rd 4 at the intersection of County Rd K

old houses & farms in the area

It was founded by Judge John Luke II (1801 - 1875) & Mary (Micum) Luke (1802 - 1880) who were born & married in Pennsylvania & moved to Ohio. They had a nice sized farm, several children, & John ran the post office. John & Mary were buried with relatives in Leggett Cemetery on County Rd M-50 east of the County Rd 2 intersection. 

Mazes Corners

Center Township (formerly Centre)

1842 - 1849

 41.499680 -84.671143   on County Rd 8 at the intersection with County Rd F

no known remnants

The town was founded by Robert Maze (1798 - 1851) & Sarah (Mitchell) Maze (1802 - 1887). They were married in Union County after Robert's first wife passed away & moved to Williams. Robert was the postmaster & an Evangelical Lutheran minister. The Mazes were buried with relatives in West Buffalo Cemetery on County Rd 5G.


Superior or Florence Township

exact location unknown, was west of Montpelier

The town proprietors were a branch of the Mead family in the area.

Mill Creek (Mill Creek Centre) (Alvordton)

Mill Creek Township

 41.665896 -84.437577   on US 20 at the intersection of County Rd 20

Mill Creek was the town at the current location of Alvordton which was platted by Henry Alvord in 1881. It's listed as Mill Creek Centre in the 1874 Williams County Atlas.


exact location unknown


Old Edinburg

Mill Creek Township

exact location unknown



Springfield Township

1844 - 1849

 41.476669 -84.413684   on SR 34 at the intersection of SR 191

no known remnants

The town proprietors were the Doolittle family who had a large farm & ran the post office.

Singers Corners

Florence Township

 41.570921 -84.769122   on SR 49 at the intersection with County Rd K

no known remnants

It was founded by German immigrants David Singer (1808 - 1871) & Margaret (Kragore) Singer (1810 - 1888). They were the first settlers in the township & had 8 children. David & Margaret were buried with relatives in Edon Florence Township Cemetery south of Edon on SR 49.

Smith Settlement

Bridgewater Township

 41.643585 -84.611613   on US 20 at the intersection of County Rd 11

Cogswell Cemetery about 1/2 mile south of US 20 on County Rd 11-50

Smith Settlement was founded in 1836 by Asa Smith (1810 - 1892). He purchased three tracts of land, one for himself, his brother Anson, & their father Daniel. Asa was buried with his wife Rebecca "Betsy" (Bird) Smith (1808 - 1885) in Cogswell Cemetery. 

West Buffalo

Florence Township

1854 - 1874

 41.515689 -84.693905   on SR 34 at the 4-way intersection with County Rd 5G & Township Rd 7G

West Buffalo Cemetery south of the intersection on County Rd 5G

West Buffalo was platted with 157 lots in 1836 by John Martin. He built a dam & saw mill with Elias Depew in 1835 on the St. Joseph River. They also built a grist mill in 1838 & their family residences with lumber from the saw mill. Only 4 of the town lots sold & Martin sold his ownership of the mills to Elias's brother John in 1840. A few more residents later moved to the area, but competition from surrounding towns with railroads kept West Buffalo from growing.

Westburg (Westburgh)

1836 - 1843

exact location unknown

Westburg was listed in the Ohio Gazetteer And Travelers Guides from 1837 - 1841 as a postal town.

Williams County Ohio Ghost Towns - 1888 Bridgman's Atlas Of The State Of Ohio

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