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Beaver Hat

Wooster Township


 40.788630 -81.9347191  on Madison Ave at the intersection of Timken Rd

memorial for the area's Native American trails at the intersection of Freelander Rd & S Bever St


38.9856244 -83.5796411  It was a Delaware (Lenape) Native American town run by Chief Pappellelond (Beaver Hat) & the site of a large apple orchard that was his summer home. The town land stretched from current day Schellin Park on Maple St in Wooster to Wooster Cemetery on Madison Ave. 


exact location unknown



Wooster Township

 40.810612 -81.980423   on Silver Rd at the intersection of McAfee Rd along Killbuck Creek

 no known remnants 

The proprietor was Civil War veteran Andrew Branstetter (1843 - 1936) who owned the Wooster Brickyard & the Wayne County Fairgrounds in the late 1870s. The town was on the B & O Railroad. Andrew was buried with relatives in Wooster Cemetery on Madison Ave.


Salt Creek & Franklin Township

 40.702581 -81.876999   on S Honeytown Rd along North Branch Salt Creek between Moreland Rd & Graber Rd

no known remnants

It was founded by John Brownfield (1803 - 1883) & Phebe (Crow) Brownfield (1806 - 1876) from Pennsylvania. They had a nice farm & a few children. Their 15 minutes of fame was due to finding a wooly mammoth tooth on the island of a glacial pond on their property. The Cleveland, Columbus, & Mt. Vernon Railroad rolled through town in the late 1800s. John & Phebe were buried with relatives in Fredericksburg East Side Cemetery on E Clay St (Harrison Rd) in Fredericksburg.


exact location unknown 



Clinton Township

 40.670615 -82.072650   along the railroad tracks between Newkirk Rd & S Elyria Rd

old houses & farms in the area  

The town was on the Panhandle Route of the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, & Chicago Railway & named after Delaware (Lenape) Chief Custaloga (Packanke).


Milton Township

 40.916166 -81.871805    on E Pleasant Home Rd at the railroad crossing between Honeytown Rd & Eby Rd

Chippewa Church Of The Brethren & Beech Grove Cemetery northwest of the GPS coordinates on Eby Rd, Mt Zion Church & Cemetery on E Pleasant Home Rd east of the GPS coordinates, old houses & farms in the area

Douglas was on the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway & had a school & two local churches. Residents were buried in Beech Grove Cemetery & Mount Zion Church Cemetery.

East Liberty

exact location unknown


Eight Square

Chester Township

 40.857996 -82.068123   on Smithville Western Rd (Co Hwy 86) along Little Killbuck Creek between Lattasburg Rd & Rutt Rd

Eight Square Mennonite Church & Cemetery & former town hall & large school at the GPS coordinates, old houses & farms in the area

The town was named after an octagon shaped school that stood where the Mennonite church is. The public buildings were constructed on land donated by Joseph Hagerman (1837 - 1927) & Elizabeth Hagerman (1829 - 1902) who were buried with relatives in the cemetery. George Dintaman (1821 - 1881) owned a blacksmith shop & was also buried in the cemetery. 


Green Township

 40.888561 -81.819365    on SR 585 (Akron Rd) at the intersection of Fox Lake Rd

former school west of the GPS coordinates in the northeast lot at the intersection of Fox Lake Rd & Egypt Rd 

Georgetown had a church & the school which is currently a private residence. It  flourished in the 1870s with hopes of attracting a railroad but that never happened. Some residents were buried in East Chippewa Church Of The Brethren Cemetery at the intersection of Fox Lake Rd & Chippewa Rd.

Green Valley

exact location unknown



Plain Township

 40.734041 -82.077068   on Wilderness Rd between S Funk Rd & Clay Plant Rd

old houses & farms in the area  

The proprietors were Horace Camp (1838 - 1907) & Amelia (Babb) Camp (1852 - 1938) who engaged in many business pursuits & had a few children. Horace was the president of several companies, owned a terra cotta works, clay mine, & coal mine in Plain Township, & built two railroads. The Ashland & Western Railroad connected to the terra cotta works & the other was the Lake Erie Terminal Railroad. Horace & Amelia also built the Amelia Flats, an upscale apartment complex near Grace Park in Akron. They were buried with relatives in Oakwood Cemetery on Oakwood Dr in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County.


Sugar Creek Township

 40.736624 -81.730879   on Jericho Rd at the intersection of Zuercher Rd along North Fork Sugar Creek

  no known remnants  

It had a wool mill & blacksmith shop in the early to mid 1800s. The town was annexed into Kidron as it outgrew Jericho.

Killbucks Town

exact location unknown, was 10 miles south of Wooster on the east side of Killbuck Creek

This Native American town was named after Delaware (Lenape) Chief Killbuck (or Gelelemend) (1722 - 1811) who was a Revolutionary War veteran & sided with the Americans against his own tribe which agreed to help the British forces. He was baptized with the name William Henry, lived out a peaceful life after the war, & was buried in Zeisberger Memorial Cemetery on Goshen Valley Rd SE in Goshen, Tuscarawas County.


Milton Township

 40.967198 -81.821909   on Shorle Rd between Rittman Ave & Sterling Rd

  no known remnants  

It was founded by the massive Lance family in the county descended from Christopher Lance (1749 - 1824) & Sarah (Johnson) Lance (1751 - 1833) who moved to Ohio from New Jersey. The town had a blacksmith shop, school, & well cultivated farms. Many members of the Lance family were buried in Rittman Cemetery at the intersection of Rittman Ave & Decoursey St in Rittman. 


Sugar Creek Township

 40.808838 -81.668570   on W Lebanon Rd N between Krug Rd & Blosser Rd

old houses & farms in the area  

The town was founded by War Of 1812 veteran John McDowell (1787 - 1872) & Mary (Marshall) McDowell (d. 1873) who had a large farm & 11 children. John also built a grist mill & saw mill. Most of the family was buried in Dalton (Union) Cemetery on South Church St in Dalton.

McQuaid (Moscow)

Sugar Creek Township

1889 - 1903

 40.795888 -81.745686   on Old Lincoln Way at the intersection of Kidron Rd

  no known remnants  

In 1815 Joseph Larwill (1783 - 1867), Josiah Crawford (d. 1825), & John Larwill (1792 - 1875) platted Moscow. It had a school & church but never saw a population boom & lost its town status in 1878. All of Moscow's founders were buried in Wooster Cemetery on Madison Ave. Just a decade later, the McQuaid family started up a new town on the same spot & opened a post office. The area's church & school were carried over into McQauid, but once again the town didn't grow much & eventually fell off the maps. Some of the McQuaid family members were buried in Arnold Cemetery on the north side of Arnold Rd between Kidron Rd & Sugar Creek. 

New Brownsville

exact location unknown, was along Jerome Fork

It was listed in The Ohio Gazetteer And Traveler's guide from 1837 - 1841 as an "inconsiderable" town. Being on Jerome Fork, the town land was given to Ashland County when it was formed in 1846.


Green Township

 40.844777 -81.820691   on Rohrer Rd at the intersection of Paradise Rd along Sugar Creek

Paradise Church Of The Brethren & Paradise Cemetery at the intersection of Rohrer Rd & Apple Creek Rd west of the GPS coordinates 

The town had a tavern, saw mill, blacksmith shop, & church in the mid to late 1800s. The church congregation formed in 1826 & is still active.


Green Township

exact location unknown

It was founded by a branch of the Pryor family in the county.

Smiths Settlement

East Union Township

exact location unknown

The founders were a group of pioneers from Pennsylvania, mainly consisting of a Smith family.


East Union Township

 40.798520 -81.873316   on Lincoln Way E between N Honeytown Rd & Eby Rd

East Union Cemetery at the GPS coordinates 

The town had a church & saw mill & was founded by the Weaver family who moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania. Many of them were buried in East Union Cemetery.

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