Henpeck Ohio ghost town Warren County history travel abandonedHenpeck, OH (Wellman) - (early 1800's - late 1800's pioneer town abandoned for unknown reasons)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Massie Township, Warren County - OnĀ Pioneer Village Rd. in Caesar Creek State Park

It was settled in 1808 by Quaker immigrants Levi & Elizabeth Lukens. Their cabin along with some other buildings from the original town are restored & in what is now called Caesars Creek Pioneer Village. Henpeck was a small town with about 13 buildings on the 1867 atlas but it hasn't been found on any later maps. The community of Wellman started up just a mile south of Henpeck around the same time it was abandoned. The residents may have moved to get away from areas that flooded frequently.

Clinton & Warren County - 1888 Ohio Map With Some Ghost Towns
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