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Buck Run

Allen Township

1829 - 1843

 40.223969 -83.462755   on SR 245 at the intersection of Buck Run Rd, Buck Run Cemetery on the north side of SR 245 east of the gps coordinates 

38.9856244 -83.5796411  Buck Run was one of the oldest towns in the township. Many pioneers & War Of 1812 Veterans were buried in the cemetery.

Coberlys (Coberly's)

Allen Township

1832 - 1863

exact location unkown, was on Darby Creek

The town founder & postmaster was Joseph Coberly. It's listed in several state gazetteers printed during the post office dates & was 2 miles from Lewisburg, 4 1/2 from Middleburg, 7 miles from Milford Center, & 10 from Marysville.

Darby Creek

Jerome Township

dates unknown

exact location unknown, was 22 miles from Columbus

It had a post office which appeared in the Ohio Gazetteer & Traveler's Guide from 1837 - 1841.


Washington Township 

 40.481723 -83.434090   on Cunningham Arbela Rd at the intersection of Shertzer Rd along Rush Creek, no known remnants

It was platted with 21 lots & a public square in 1838 by Jonathan Haynes. The lots didn't sell well & town wasn't around long.


Union Township

 40.131043 -83.456001   on Homer Rd along Treacle Creek between SR 161 & Winget Rd, no known remnants 

Homer was platted with 35 lots in 1834 by Elisha Reynolds (1779 - 1843). He arrived from New York in 1817 with his wife Mary (Witter) Reynolds (1781 - 1828). They had 7 children & Elisha was a successful merchant & county treasurer for 2 terms. The town thrived in it's early years but never had a big population boom & was last seen in the 1877 Union County Atlas. Elisha & Mary were buried with relatives in Milford Center Cemetery on Middleburg - Plain City Rd.   

Kokosing (Magnetic Springs)

Leesburg Township

1880 - 1881

 40.352964 -83.262535   on SR 37 between SR 347 & Hopewell Rd

Kokosing is listed as a ghost town in several places online but it's just the former name of the post office at Magnetic Springs.

North Liberty

Darby Township

exact location unknown, was in the southeastern part of the township

This first village in the county was platted in 1797 by Lucas Sullivant (1765 - 1823). The only lots which sold were purchased by James & Joshua Ewing who were county pioneers & lived there with some other family members in 3 cabins. They moved to Jerome Township around 1800 abandoning North Liberty. Lucas Sullivant also platted Franklinton next to Columbus & has a road named after him. 


Darby Township

 40.132819 -83.311248   on Robinson Rd between the southwestern end of Taylor Rd & SR 736, no known remnants

The original proprietors were Samuel Robinson (1814 - 1886) & James Robinson (1811 - 1898) who arrived in Ohio from Connecticut in 1800. They had met Lucas Sullivant in Tennessee, joined his surveying party on it's way back to Ohio, & purchased 600 acres of land in Darby Township. Samuel was a carpenter, James a cooper, & they farmed & planted corn together. Both later married & brothers Thomas, John, Alexander, & George also settled in the area. The Robinsons grew to be one of the largest & most successful families in the county. Samuel & James were buried with relatives in Mitchell (Robinson) Cemetery at the intersection of SR 38 & Burns Rd. 

Taylor Centre

Taylor Township

1857 - 1864

 40.344780 -83.395755   on SR 347 at the intersection with SR 31, no known remnants   

Taylor Centre had a saw mill & a school. Many of the residents including Harvey Goff (1814 - 1884) who owned the saw mill were buried in Broadway Cemetery on the south side of SR 347 east of the gps coordinates.


1843 - 1850

exact location unknown

Although the post office had been closed for a few years, the town was listed in the 1853 W.W. Reilly & Co.'s Ohio State Business Directory for 1853-54.


York Township

1839 - 1866

 40.429951 -83.399592   on Osborn Rd between Miller Rd & Meddles Rd, East York Cemetery on the north side of Miller Rd (Township Rd 307) west of Osborn Rd

The town was founded by Beriah Wilkins (1792 - 1858) & Amanda (Rhodes) Wilkins (1797 - 1877) who owned 77 acres of land on the east side of the gps coordinates. Beriah was also the postmaster & the Presbyterian congregation was organized at their house in 1839. It's church stood next to East York Cemetery where Beriah & Amanda were buried with relatives. 


York Township

 40.429951 -83.399592  on SR 31 at the intersection with Miller Rd (Township Rd 307), no known remnants   

It's proprietor was D. Williams & the town can be found northeast of York Center in the 1877 Union County Atlas. 

Chuckery, OH - (1820's farming town with less residents than in the past)

Classification: small town

Location: Darby Township, Union County - On Rt. 161 at the intersection of State Rt. 38

There isn't much info online about Chuckery. It's been a settled area since the 1820's but now appears to be more of a hamlet than a town. Chuckery did have a few schools & churches over the last couple of centuries but that's about it. We couldn't find any record of the town ever being platted & it never had a canal, railroad, or big business to make a population boom.

The largest family in Chuckery's early days were the Bigelows. They were relatives & descendants of Isaac Bigelow who founded the nearby town of Plain City, OH. Isaac's son Eliphas (Elphiaz) Bigelow (1802 - 1845) funded construction of the Bigelow House which still stands on Rt. 161 close to the intersection of Ax Handle Rd. The sign in front of the house says 1846 though so it appears that Eliphas died before the contruction was finished according to all of the online references found.

In 1873 Bigelow Covered Bridge was built crossing Darby Creek to provide a direct link north to Marysville & was named after Eliphas. The bridge has been restored & is highlighted by Ohio Historical Marker #12 - 80. Chuckery had a post office from 1898 - 1903 which probably marked the end of it's heyday. Eliphas Bigelow was buried in Bigelow Pioneer Cemetery with many of his relatives & other early families from the area on Rosedale Rd. south off of Rt 161. The surrounding land is owned by the state & is called the Bigelow Cemetery State Nature Preserve.

Irwin Ohio ghost town Union County history travel abandonedIrwin, OH (Irwin Station) - (1808 - present farming, railroad, & post office town with less residents than in the past)

Classification: small town

Location: Union Township, Union County - On State Rt. 161 at the intersection of State Rt. 4

Irwin was first settled by John Irwin (1762 - 1830) & his wife Anna (Steel) Irwin (1764 - 1854) who moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1806. The town started to go by the name of Irwin in 1808. James Miller (1797 - 1891) was a carpenter & cabinet maker. He built the first house in town & spent over 85 years in Irwin but later moved to Champaign County, OH. The town's name temporarily changed to Irwin Station when it had a railroad station on the Big Four Railroad (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railroad). Farming was Irwin's biggest economic source for a long time & the town shipped hay, straw, & lumber to other places around the state & country.

During the late 1800's Irwin had a sawmill, blacksmith, church, general store, a concrete block company, & a large number of shops & stores for a town it's size. In 1903 a massive two story brick school was built in the small town. It still stands today & is an extremely interesting & creepy sight at the intersection of State Rt. 4 & State Rt. 161. There's also several other old buildings & residences in the area. Irwin's post office was established in 1858 & continues to operate but rumors are going around that it will be discontinued soon. The town still has a church too but all of the old businesses are gone & Irwin was never incorporated. 

John Irwin unfortunately died from falling off his horse in 1830 & was probably buried on his farm as his grave isn't listed on findagrave.com. His wife & some of their descendants were buried in Milford Center Cemetery on Middleburg - Plain City Rd. 5.5 miles north of Irwin. The town's population was around 125 in 1885 but is probably smaller than that today.

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