Sandusky County Ohio Ghost Towns Data Chart

Town Name Township & Post Office Dates

GPS Coordinates & Location Notes

Short Description


Townsend Township

40.778619 -84.5518041   41.364979 -82.877580  on Coppa Rd at the intersection of Fuller Rd

no known remnants

38.9856244 -83.5796411  The town was founded by the Stark Brothers, James, Lorenzo, John, & Albert, who were coopers (barrel makers) in the early 1900s.

Demasville (Demassville)

1856 - 1860

exact location unknown



1852 - 1864

exact location unknown


Gibsonburg Junction

Woodville Township

 41.432531 -83.318546   on US 20 at the intersection with SR 300 & Magsig Rd

old buildings in the area, former school now a private residence in the lot southeast of the gps coordinates

Gibsonburg Junction was a crossroads town between the Pennsylvania & Northwestern Railroad & Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway.

Hoovers Corners

Ballville Township

 41.263752 -83.131161     on Tiffin Rd at the intersection of Deran Rd

Decker (Hoover) Cemetery on the west side of Tiffin Rd north of the intersection

This small farming town was founded by Lawrence Hoover (1807 - 1882) & Mary Hoover (1811 - 1889). They were buried in the cemetery with two of their children who passed away at young ages.

Teemes (Teems)

Townsend Township

1891 - 1906

 41.414496 -82.862966   on Teems Rd between US 6 (Chickasaw Trail) & Yetter Rd

old buildings in the area

Teemes was a prosperous farming & postal town with a school.


Woodville Township

 41.479458 -83.387556   on Rife Rd between Trapp Rd & Emch Rd along Toussaint Creek

no known remnants

This small town sat on the Pennsylvania & Northwestern Railroad, formerly the Toledo, Tiffin, & Eastern Railroad. 

York North Ridge

York Township

1833 - 1855

on S Ridge Rd, exact location unknown

The town was named  after the York family in the county & the sand ridge it was on.

York South Ridge

Greencreek Township

1850 - 1852

41.279152 -82.975109   on S Ridge Rd at the intersection of S Main St

The town was named after the the York family in the county & the sand ridge it was on.

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