Pee Pee, OH - (1785 - present farming town abandoned for economic reasons & later repopulated)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Pee Pee Township, Pike County - On Songbird Land (Township Rd. 450)

The town was named after Peter Patrick, the first settler in the area. He carved his initials into four trees marking the boundaries of the town before moving back to Virginia. A church was built in 1824 followed by a school, a town hall, & some other buildings. Pee Pee has newer residences around the area but lost most of it's population by the early 1900's & there's no known remnants left of the original town.

Shyville, OH - (1861 - 1952 farming town abandoned during the building of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Scioto Township, Pike County - On Shyville Rd. south side off of St. Rt. 32

Shyville was settled by Henry George Shy (1832 - 1910) & his wife Clara Katherine (Knaper) Shy when they bought a farm close to Shyville Rd. in 1861 & had 12 children. They were both born in Germany & met in Germany, OH (Jackson County), about 5 miles east of their farm while Clara was visiting with some relatives. Henry was a farmer & a cabinet maker. Shyville was never a large town but had a general store, a church, & a post office that ran from 1888 - 1935. The general store was operated by Herman Shy (1866 - 1945) & burnt down in a fire.

There wasn't a lot left of Shyville when the U.S. Atomic Energy Program began construction of a plant there in the early 1950's. The plant produced weapons grade uranium for the cold war arms race & is currently on shutdown status. The town of Shyville isn't much more than a memory now except for the fact that the road still has it's name. Henry & Clara Shy are buried with several of their family members in Mound Cemetery in Piketon, OH just north of St. Rt. 32.

Pike & Scioto County - 1888 Ohio Map With Some Ghost Towns
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