Ottawa County Ohio Ghost Towns Data Chart

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Short Description

Maple Grove

Benton Township

 41.589362 -83.200238    on W Duff - Washa Rd along Turtle Creek between N Lickert - Harder Rd & N Benton Carroll Rd

old buildings in the area

38.9856244 -83.5796411   Maple Grove was a popular gathering place for picnics & special occasions in the 1920s - 1950s. It had a dance hall, baseball field, & a baseball team. The former dance hall appears to still be standing on the north side of the road at the GPS coordinates. 


Benton Township

 41.546080 -83.273024   on the north side of W Elliston East and West Rd between Elliston & Graytown

no known remnants

Middleton was a plat extension of Sheldon on the north side of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railway in the late 1800s to early 1900s. 


Danbury Township

1881 - 1899

 41.518976 -82.781169   on Englebeck Rd between SR 163 & E Bayshore Rd

old buildings in the area

This small farming town had a post office on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway.


Benton Township

 41.542256 -83.274061   on W Toussaint North Rd between the railroad & W True Rd

Elliston Cemetery on W Toussaint North Rd at the GPS coordinates 

Sheldon was platted with around 50 lots along the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway on the south side of the tracks between Elliston & Graytown.


Danbury Township

 41.518380 -82.807741   on Church Rd at the intersection of Port Clinton Eastern Rd

Saint Paul Lutheran Church & Cemetery at 541 Church Rd Lakeside - Marblehead, OH 

Violet was a small farming town along the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway. The church, which was also the school, was built in 1845 & is an impressive sight to see as it proudly stands the test of time.

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