Zanesville, OH - (1799 - present farming, canal & railroad town)

Classification: historic town

Location: City of Zanesville, Muskingum County - Exits off of I - 70 & U.S. Route 40 (National Road)

Zanesville was named after Ebenezer Zane who blazed Zane's Trace, an early pioneer road that went from Wheeling, West Virginia to Marysville, Kentucky. The town of Zanesville was platted in 1799 by Ebenezer's son-in- law John McIntire (1759 - 1815) near the confluence of the Muskingum & Licking Rivers on land that was basically his marriage dowry. John also operated a hotel & a ferry.

The town grew quickly with it's good location & started booming with the completion of the Muskingum River Navigation System which was completed in 1841. Ohio Historical Marker #9 - 60 near a park on Main St. next to the Y - Bridge tells the story of the locks. They were large enough to accommodate newer steam boats & trade around the area flourished. The Y Bridges are highlighted by Ohio Historical Marker #3 - 60 at the "3 Y's" of the bridge. It's the only bridge in the U.S. with that unique shape.

In the mid - late 1800's Zanesville had a second population boom with an extensive railroad system going through town. There were several train stations over the decades. The Zanesville Terminal Railroad Station at the corner of 3rd St. & Market St. was built in 1917 & is currently used for offices. It closed in 1968, was restored in 1989, & is on the National Register Of Historic Places. Another station that was on the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad still sits at the corner of Linden Ave. & McIntire Ave. Zanesville also had lots of pottery shops which opened up after clay was found in the region. Ohio Historical Marker #16 - 60 on Linden Ave. in front of the Rosevile Pottery building has info about the company & industry. There's also a few other Ohio Historical Markers around town.

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