Steam Corners Ohio ghost town Morrow County history travel abandonedSteam Corners, OH - (Mid 1800's - present farming & saw mill town with less residents than in the past)

Classification: small town

Location: Troy Township, Morrow County - On Steam Corners - Lexington Rd. at the intersection of Rt. 314 (Chesterville - Shelby Rd.)

The village was first settled in the 1850's as a small farming community. It had population boom in the early 1860's when a steam powered saw mill was built nearby so they started to call the area Steam Corners. A post office moved into town in 1864 but was later discontinued. A new post office was built that ran from 1865 - 1901. The first store in town also opened in 1865. In the late 1800's to early 1900's Steam Corners had a school, church, general store, tavern, wagon shop, & a blacksmith.

There isn't much left in town now besides a Methodist Church that sits next to the last school the town had, the remains of the last store near the center of town, & maybe 15 - 20 homes. It's biggest attraction these days is the Mid - Ohio Sports Car Course about a mile east of Steam Corners on Steam Corners - Lexington Rd. 

Crawford & Morrow County - 1888 Ohio Map With Some Ghost Towns
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