Browns Chapel, OH (Browns Run) - (1801 - present farming town with less residents now than in the past)

Classification: small town

Location: German Township, Montgomery County - On Browns Run Rd near the intersection of Oxford Rd

It was settled by Richard Brown, a fur trader & farmer, in 1798. The town was surveyed in 1801 & grew with a couple of schools, a church, wool mill, & some of the local farmers also did other things like blacksmith work & carpentry. Browns Run was never a large town but had a post office from 1894 - 1899 & was widely known to be some of the best farming land in Montgomery County alongside Browns Run Creek. Roads in the early days were rough & hard to pass through, to say the least, but construction in the 1900s made travel a lot easier.

The area still keeps its name today, partly due to Brown's Run Country Club which is a private membership golf course that opened in 1956 with the promise of playing the game in a more natural setting. Richard Brown was probably buried in Brown Run Cemetery with other early settlers & families.

Tadmor, OH - (1851 - 1922 canal & railroad town abandoned & later flooded)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Bethel Township, Miami County & City Of Vandalia, Montgomery County - On hiking trails in Taylorsville Metropark with parking & access on both the north & south side of the park

It's a long hike from either direction on trails off of the county service road & bike path. Tadmor was a small village that became a transportation hub as it sat at important crossroads next to the Miami-Erie Canal. It had two train stations. One of them was on the Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton Railroad & another on the Dayton & Michigan Railroad. The post office went by the name Tadmer from 1867 - 1884, then Tadmor from 1884 - 1917. Most of the town's residents moved north when the National Road (US 40) was built nearby a few years before the town flooded. There are several old cemeteries in the area where the citizens of Tadmor were buried & some remnants of the town on the hiking trails in Taylorsville Metropark.

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