Burlingham, OH (Bungtown) - (mid 1800's - present farming & pig factory town with little to no growth)

Classification: small town

Location: Bedford Township, Meigs County - On Old Rt. 33 at the intersection of Burlingham Rd.

We don't have much to go by concerning the history of the town but it does have an interesting story. In the late 1800's the women of Burlingham were tired of their men spending too much time at the saloon. As the story goes, they proceeded to remove the corks (or bungs) from all of whiskey barrels & set the leaking alcohol of fire which resulted in saloon burning down. The Bungtown Salsa Co. 5 miles to the North in Shade, OH currently produces Bungtown Fatali Saloon Burner hot sauce, commemorating the event. Burlingham had a post office from 1828 - 1904. The cemetery is across from the church on Burlingham Rd.

Athens & Meigs County - 1888 Ohio Map With Some Ghost Towns
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