Steubenville, OH (1797 - present fort, mill, & railroad town with lots of history)

Classification: historic town

Location: City of Steubenville, Jefferson County - On US Rt. 22

This historical town is the county seat of Jefferson County and was the start of Ohio.  Steubenville is located along the Ohio River in Southeast Ohio and is nicknamed the City of Murals. The city got this nickname because of the 7 historical markers & 22 city murals, along with many other attractions that memorialize famous events or people that have history with the city.  Steubenville was platted in 1797 by Bezaleel Wells and James Ross. They named it after Fort Steuben, which is a famous attraction to visit in Steubenville today.  The city's post office opened in 1802, one of the earliest in Ohio. It also had 10 different railroad stations, none of which are existing today. There were 15 schools; 9 that have been demolished, 1 that burnt down, & 5 that are closed and abandoned. 

The population of Steubenville has declined steadily since the 1940's.  According to the 2010 census there was approximately 18,659 residents. The town is a tourist attraction because of the many historical markers and murals that are located there. One historical marker that is there is the acknowledgement of Abraham Lincoln's visit to Steubenville on February 14, 1861 on his way to the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC. Steubenville is also the birth place and home town of actor Dean Martin.  If you visit the city today you will find many interesting places to visit, including 17 historical churches, 22 city murals, 7 historical markers, the original first federal land office, the Bicentennial Bell, Belleview Park, Steubenville Public Library, Veteran's Memorial Bridge, & Historic Fort Steuben.

Researched By: Denise Smith

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