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Blue Fly

Townsend Township

 41.233412 -82.532216   on County Hwy 250 at the intersection of Medusa Rd

no known remnants

38.9856244 -83.5796411  William Thompson built a tavern on the section of land southwest of the GPS coordinates in the mid 1800s & painted it blue. Local residents called it the Blue Fly & the town took on the same name.


Bronson & Peru Township

1830 - 1867

 41.176814 -82.639898   on Peru Hollow Rd between SR 161 & Snyder Rd

Bronson Cemetery at the GPS coordinates

It was the first village in the township & was named after Isaac Bronson who owned most of the land in the early 1800s.


Ripley Township

1856 - 1883

 41.002772 -82.558842  on Edwards Rd at the railroad crossing between Plymouth East Rd E & Base Line Rd W 

no known remnants

Carson was on the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, & Indianapolis Railroad. It had a grist mill, saw mill, grocery store,  blacksmith shop & a school along Edwards Rd south of the railroad tracks in the mid to late 1800s.


exact location unknown


Fiddlers Green

New London Township, Huron County & Ruggles Township, Ashland County

 41.065638 -82.396689   on SR 60 at the intersection of Town Line Rd 187 on the Ashland County border

no known remnants

Fiddler's Green was a small merchant & farming town. When the Big Four Railroad was built in New London in the early 1850s, the businesses of Fiddlers Green were physically moved there.


exact location unknown


Half Way

Ridgefield Township

 41.240945 -82.665690   on Halfway Rd at the railroad crossing between US 20 & Washington Rd

old houses & farms in the area

The town name refers to its location between Monroeville & Norwalk. It sat on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway but didn't have a train station.


1840 - 1846

exact location unknown

It was founded by a branch of the Ives family in the area.

Lyme Station 

Lyme Township

1824 - 1894

 41.255172 -82.763927   on Sand Hill Rd at the railroad crossing between US 20 & Opperman Rd

Trinity Episcopal Church & Cemetery at the intersection of Young Rd & US 20

The town sat on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway. Some residents were buried in Trinity Episcopal Cemetery.


exact location unknown


New Salem

Norwalk Township

 41.277030 -82.632094   on Whittlesey Ave on the east side of the Huron River north of Lais Rd

no known remnants

New Salem was a Monrovian missionary settlement from 1787 - 1793.

North Norwich

Norwich Township

1828 - 1856

 41.124658 -82.773706   on N Greenfield Rd at the intersection with Boughton Rd

Boughton (North Norwich) Cemetery on the east side of Section Line Rd 30 S north of Old Military Rd

This farming & postal town was founded by Naum Gilson (1793 - 1864) & Sarah "Sally" (Ormes) Gilson (1792 - 1876) who were farming pioneers of the county. They had a few children, & Naum was the postmaster for around 20 years. Naum & Sarah were buried with relatives & other early settlers in Boughton Cemetery


Greenwich Township, Huron County & Ruggles Township, Ashland County

 41.050636 -82.439014   on US 250 at the intersection of Greenwich East Town Line Rd S

no known remnants

Jane Ramey (1825 - 1907) was the town founder & proprietor. She was a widow & owned adjoining lots in Huron & Ashland County on the east side of the GPS coordinates. Ramey was on the B & O Railroad but didn't have a train station & can be found on the 1891 Huron County Atlas & 1901 Cram Atlas.


Norwich Township

 41.072833 -82.799627   on Daniels Rd at the railroad crossing between Egypt Rd & Town Line Rd 12

no known remnants

It was on the B & O Railroad but didn't have a train station. The biggest families in the area were the Vogels & Willoughbys.


Lyme Township

exact location unknown



Sherman Township

1825 - 1865

 41.186550 -82.807104   on Heyman Rd at the intersection with Pontiac Section Line Rd

Jones (Sherman Township) Cemetery on the east side of Heyman Rd north of the GPS coordinates

The town was founded by Daniel Sherman (1790 - 1864) who owned the farm where the cemetery is. He turned down an appointment to be the postmaster, which then went to his neighbor Rufus Payne across Heyman Rd. There was also a general store in the northwest corner of the town intersection. Daniel was buried with his second wife, Laura (Hubbell) Sherman (1791 - 1873) in Riverside Cemetery on Norwalk St south of Monroeville.

Townsend Center  (East Townsend)

Townsend Township

1833 - 1905

 41.248239 -82.491573   on US 20 at the intersection of Hartland Center Rd

Townsend Center is the former name of present day East Townsend. The name changed sometime between 1891 & 1901.


exact location unknown



exact location unknown


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