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Beaver Creek

1840 - 1847

40.840334 -82.8182371  exact location unknown

38.9856244 -83.5796411


Liberty Township

 41.471600 -84.076466   on County Rd V at the intersection of Township Rd 11, no known remnants



Liberty Township

1819 - 1868

 41.412693 -84.009419   on SR 190 near the intersection of SR 424 (East Riverview Ave) between the Maumee River & North Turkeyfoot Creek

It was the original county seat & was platted on both sides of SR 190 at the site of a former native village called Prairie Du Masque in the early 1700's.  


Liberty Township

dates unknown

exact location unknown

It was listed in the Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-61.


Bartlow Township, Henry County & Jackson Township Wood County

1871 - 1890

 41.231995 -83.882162   on Henry Wood County Line Rd between County Rd E & Country Rd F on the Henry & Wood County border along the railroad tracks, no known remnants

The town proprietors were Joseph Durliat (1831 - 1889) & Magdalena (Trendall) Durliat (1837 - 1921). Joseph was born in France & met Madgalena in Canada where they were married. The Durliats had 10 children, 520 acre farm, steam sawmill, & ran the post office. They were buried with relatives in Saint Louis Cemetery on SR 281 in Wood County.

Girtys Point

Harrison Township

 41.326751 -84.154081  on County Rd Z at the intersection of County Rd 15, Cole Cemetery on south side of the road east of the intersection

The town was named after Simon Girty (1741 - 1818) who was captured by Seneca natives with his family in Pennsylvania & adopted by the tribe, living with them until 1764. He later joined the British & native resistance against American settlers & troops. Simon hid out on Girty's Island on the Maumee River across from Cole Cemetery where he & his brother George had trading posts in the 1780's & 90's. The island turned into a Victorian Era amusement park.

Goosetown (Goose Town)

Napoleon Township

exact location unknown, along the Maumee River downstream from Napoleon

This would have been town was laid out by the proprietors of Napoleon prior to it's existence but the land was on low ground & flooded badly so the idea of Goosetown was scraped in favor of Napoleon's present location. 


Marion Township, Henry County & Liberty Township, Putnam County

 41.166769 -84.054575   on Henry County Rd A at the intersection of Township Rd 10 on the Henry & Putnam County border, no known remnants

Madeira's only claim to fame was being mentioned as a small place in Henry Howe's 1847 Historical Collections Of Ohio.


Damascus Township

1856 - 1867

 41.408806 -83.970724   on County Rd 5A along South Turkeyfoot Creek between County Rd 5A & SR 110, Kruger Cemetery on the west side of County Rd 7 between Township Rd P3 & SR 110, Olive Branch Cemetery on County Rd 5A between County Rd P & Township Rd O4

Odessa was founded by Thomas Reid (1813 - 1878) & Elmira (Crockett) Reid (1824 - 1897). It was a farming town with a general store, sawmill, & grist mill & used the Miami & Erie Canal to transport goods. Odessa was hit hard by the cholera epidemic in the mid 1800's but was still the largest village in the township before McClure boomed during the railroad era. Thomas was buried in Kruger Cemetery & Elmira in Olive Branch.


Marion Township

1850 - 1896

 41.195294 -84.064637   on County Rd Y between County Rd 10A & County Rd 10B, Marion Township Cemetery at the gps coordinates

The town was founded in 1841 by Samuel Hashbarger (1815 - 1859) & Anna (Rader) Hashbarger (1815 - 1889) who remarried after Samuel passed away. In 1863 George W. Edwards (1834 - 1919) & John Rayle (1831 - 1915) platted the town & attempted to change it's name to Edwardsville but the U.S. Postal Service denied the request as there was already an Edwardsville with a post office in Warren County. Everyone mentioned in this listing was buried with relatives in the cemetery.

Turkey Foot

1840 - 1849

exact location unknown


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