Huntersville, OH - (1836 - present saw mill & farming town abandoned over time)

Classification: semi - ghost town

Location: Marion Township, Hardin County - On Rt. 309 near the intersection of County Rd. 75

Huntersville was laid out in 1836 by Thomas Hitchcock (1810 - 1897). At it's peak as a town it had two stores, a blacksmith shop, church, saw mill, & a doctor. Up until 1882 Huntersville was the only village in Marion Township. It missed out on the railroad boom of the late 1800's though, which was the main reason for it's decline in population as residents moved to more bustling towns. Huntersville lost it's post office which ran from 1839 - 1875.

These days the town just has a church, a small park, & a few houses. Thomas Hitchcock moved to California in the mid 1800's with his wife Naomi (Cory) Hitchcock & their children but his father Isaac Hitchcock (1790 - 1877) is buried in the Huntersville Cemetery with many other early residents. From Rt. 309 turn onto County Rd. 75 & take the first right onto Township Rd. 74.

Hardin County Ohio Ghost Towns - 1888 Bridgman's Atlas Of The State Of Ohio
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