Revenge, OH - (late 1800's - present farming town with an interesting story)

Classification: small town

Location: Madison Township, Fairfield County - At the southern end of Revenge Rd. (County Highway 26) where it meets Clearcreek Rd. (County Highway 69)

The original general store still stands near the intersection & is now a private residence. As the story goes, the town was named by George T. Kocher (1856 - 1928) who was the general store owner at the time & later Madison Township justice of the peace for a few years. He had a disagreement with another nearby store owner, probably about what the town should be named, & won some sort of contest to settle their differences along with the right to name the town.

George's grave can be found a few miles north in Hopewell Cemetery. Revenge had a post office from 1883 - 1905. There isn't much other info about the town but in 2009 Lisa Harris published a fictional book called "Love Finds You In Revenge, Ohio".

Royalton, OH (Toby Town) - (1810 - present farming & mill town partially abandoned over time)

Classification: small town

Location: Amanda Township, Fairfield County - On Royalton Rd. at the intersection of Amanda Northern Rd. 

Royalton was built on the site of a former native American village called Toby Town, named after the local tribe's chief. The town sat next to Toby Creek which was later renamed Little Walnut. After the Treaty of Greenville was signed in 1795 the natives began leaving the area. Some stayed behind though & traded lead for other goods with newly arriving settlers. In 1799 Horatio Clark (1770 - 1835) & his wife Mary Rebecca (Lane) Clark settled there with some relatives arriving shortly after. The natives were all gone by 1807 as most of them followed the Wyandots to Sandusky.

In 1810 William Hamilton surveyed & platted the land that Royalton would be built on about a mile southeast of Toby Town. It was purchased by Dr. Silas Allen (1754 - 1825) who was a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. The Allen family was then considered to be the founders of Royalton & named it after the town in Vermont that they came from along with 40 other settlers. Royalton quickly grew with a tavern & general store built in 1810, a grist & carding mill in 1814, & another mill in 1817. A post office was established in 1818 & the first church was built in 1837.

It's tough trying to pinpoint when Royalton's heyday was. The town never got a canal or a railroad & didn't have any businesses that could create a population boom. It could be said that Royalton's heyday was in the 1830's or 40's, before it lost out on opportunities that many other towns were granted to have a bigger future. Royalton lost it's post office in 1909 & is just a shadow of it's former shape & size. There's still residences in the area but the population density is less than it once was & some the old town's streets & original plats have been broken up to form what's there now. There's an old storefront at the intersection of Royalton Rd. & Amanda Northern Rd. Royalton Cemetery is on private property north of Royalton Rd. on the east side of town.

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