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Abbott Bridge (Abbott Crossing) (Wards Landing)  (Fries Landing)

Milan Township (formerly Avery Township, Huron County)


 41.336104 -82.583693   on Mason Rd between Mudbrook Rd & the Huron River

Abbott Home & Homer Page Farm at the GPS coordinates

38.9856244 -83.5796411  It was originally settled by David Abbott (1766 - 1822) & Mary (Brown) Abbott (1770 -  1849) who moved to Ohio from Massachusetts & accumulated 1800 acres which stretched on both sides of the river. After David passed away, the biggest land owner & entrepreneur was Jared Ward (1767 - 1857). Valentine Fries (1826 - 1900) was the last proprietor, a grocery store owner & later a ship builder in the 1870s & 1880s. The Abbott Home was built in 1824 & made it onto the National Register Of Historic Places in 1975.


Vermilion Township

1886 - 1901

 41.376178 -82.439792  on Joppa Rd at the railroad crossing at the intersection of Ashmont Rd

old houses in the area

Ashmont sat on the "Nickel Plate Road" (New York, Chicago, & St. Louis Railroad) but didn't have a train station.


exact location unknown


Cookes Corners (Cooks Corner) (Four Corners) (North Monroeville)

Oxford Township

1840 - 1857

 41.288128 -82.725493  on Patten Tract Rd (County Hwy 42) at the intersection of SR 113 on the Huron County border

North Monroeville (Cooke) Cemetery on the west side of SR 99 south of the GPS coordinates

Cookes Corners was the former town at the current location of North Monroeville. The proprietors were ancestors of Revolutionary War veteran Captain Asaph Cooke (1748 - 1826) & Thankful (Parker) Cooke (1745 - 1819). They were buried with relatives in North Monroeville (Cooke) Cemetery.


Oxford Township

 41.292647 -82.664730  on SR 113 at the intersection of Huber Rd on the north side of the Huron River

no known remnants

It was a small farming & merchant town from the mid 1800s to early 1900s. The area appears to never have been completely abandoned as a row of residential lots sit in the same spot as the ones on the 1865 Worley & Brocher map.


Vermilion Township

1833 - 1857

 41.361953 -82.410439   on Furnace Rd at the intersection of  Darrow Rd

no known remnants

This small farming town was once the home of the oldest church congregation in the township which was moved there in 1836.

  Groton    (Groton Centre)

Groton Township (formerly Wheatsborough)

1851 - 1884

 41.337414 -82.830176   on SR 269 between Portland Rd & Strecker Rd 

Deyo Cemetery on the north side of Portland Rd west of SR 269

The post office & a blacksmith shop across the road were on land owned by Dr. John P. Deyo (1804 - 1898) & Sarah (Foster) Deyo (1819 - 1887). They had a few children & a large farm. The post office was later moved to the center of the township & operated by A.J. Hastings. John & Sarah were buried with many relatives in Deyo Cemetery.

Harpers Corners (Berlin Station) (Ceylon)

Berlin   Township (formerly Eldridge)

1858 - 1904

 41.371715 -82.493781  on Ceylon Rd (SR 61) at the railroad crossing between N Depot St & South Depot St

Peaks Cemetery on Darrow Rd southeast of the GPS   coordinates  

Harpers Corners was the original name of Ceylon & was founded by Joseph Harper (c. 1760 - 1820) who came to Ohio from Vermont. He had a few children with Esther (Dean) Adams (1767 - 1842). She remarried after his death & her gravestone is still intact in Peaks Cemetery. In the mid to late 1800s, it had a train station on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway, a hotel, two stores, two saloons, & a saw mill. 

Huronia Beach

Huron  Township

 41.403060 -82.566751   on Huronia Beach Dr at the intersection of Cleveland Rd W

newer residences in the area

It was once a separate small town but is now a neighborhood in the City of Huron.


1839 - 1842

exact location unknown



  Lyme    Township

 41.283782 -82.786251  at the intersection of SR 113 & SR 4

Historic Lyme Village at 5001 State Route 4 Bellvue, OH 44811, Lyme Congregational Church on SR 113, Strongs Ridge Cemetery on the southeast side of SR 113 east of SR 4

Lyme was a town from 1815 to the mid 1900s & sat on the Nickel Plate Road (Railroad). It's now part of Bellvue. The historic village has a website.


exact location unknown



Margaretta Township

exact location unknown, was in the northwest corner of the township

Muscash was the site of the first religious congregation in the township & founded by Methodists. It was also a trading post for Native Americans who usually wanted cash instead of goods, hence the town name.

New Berlin (Berlin Heights)

 Berlin   Township (formerly Eldridge)

 41.325149 -82.493396   at the 4 way intersection of W Main St, E Main St, Lake St, & South St (SR 61)

Riverside (New Berlin Heights) Cemetery on the east side of South St south of town   

New Berlin was the original name of Berlin Heights in the early to mid 1800s.


Perkins Township

1816 - 1843

 41.408489 -82.702700  on Campbell St at the intersection of Strub Rd

Fellowship Baptist Church south of the intersection 

The town was named by surveyor Almon Ruggles after U.S. Congressman Elias Perkins from New London, Connecticut. It sat on the B & O Railroad but didn't have a train station.

Point Hope

 Berlin   Township (formerly Eldridge)

exact location unknown

In 1860 a "Free Love" communistic village formed with 20 members who made the trip to Ohio from New England. They recruited a whopping one resident of the area & the village lasted a little less than a year.


Perkins Township

1858 - 1861

exact location unknown

The town was founded by Addison Mixter (1829 - 1890) from Massachusetts & Jane (Wolverton) Mixter (1828 - 1906) from New Jersey. They met & married in Ohio, built a general store, & ran the post office. Addison & Jane were buried with relatives in Scott Union Cemetery on Huron - Avery Rd in Huron. 

     Prout        (Prouts Station)

Oxford Township

1872 - 1905

 41.351440 -82.699904    on W Mason Rd between Campbell St & Ransom Rd

no known remnants 


It was founded by Andrew Prout (1811 - 1881) & Mary (Carpenter) Prout (1818 - 1903). Andrew was a shoe maker & also sold clocks. They were married in 1833, purchased a 100 acre farm, & had several children. Andrew was the first postmaster & the town had a train station on the B & O Railroad. They were buried with relatives in Sandhill Cemetery on W Mason Rd at the intersection of Skadden Rd. 


Margaretta Township & Townsend Township, Sandusky County

 41.391392 -82.845902   on both sides of Carson Pass between Herr Rd in Erie County & Teems Rd in Sandusky County

no known remnants 

The proprietors were Charles H. Ransom (1821 - 1901) from Connecticut & Susan (Slaughter) Ransom (1826 - 1917) from New York. They were pioneers of the township, had 6 children, & owned 764 acres of land engaging in farming & stock dealing. There was also a wool mill & steam saw mill along Vickery Rd in Sandusky County in the mid to late 1800s. Charles & Susan were buried with relatives in Oakland Cemetery on Milan Rd in Sandusky (Erie County).

Sandusky Crossroads

exact location unknown


Shattucks Grove (Shaddock's Grove) (Shaddock's Lake Park)

Vermilion Township

 41.425040 -82.348789  on the north side of US 6 (Liberty Ave) between Tabernacle St & Salem Dr

no known remnants 

It was a summer vacation resort village owned by George Shattuck. The venue hosted traveling circuses, dances, & other family events in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Spragues Corners

Florence Township

 41.305799 -82.413326  on Harmon Rd at the intersection of Florence Wakeman Rd

no known remnants 

The town was founded by Ezra Sprague (1785 - 1856) from Massachusetts & Harriet (Griswold) Sprague (1781 - 1852) from Connecticut. They were the first settlers in the township in 1809 & had 7 children. Ezra was the first justice of the peace & a common pleas court judge. They were buried with relatives in Cable Cemetery on the east side of Cable Rd south of Harmon Rd.

  Wells Corners     (Axtel)    

Vermilion Township

 41.369073 -82.363503  on SR 60 at the intersection of Mason Rd

Maple Grove Cemetery at the intersection of Mason Rd & Cemetery Rd west of the GPS coordinates 

The founders & original proprietors were Philo Wells (1786 - 1879) from New York & Hannah (Lewis) Wells (1788 - 1848) from Connecticut. They had a nice farm & a few children. The town also had a church & a cheese factory in the late 1800s. Philo remarried after Hannah passed away. They were buried with relatives in Maple Grove Cemetery. The town name changed to Axtel after the family that owned the cheese factory sometime around 1900.

Yankee Settlement

Perkins Township

 41.372628 -82.684816   on Taylor Rd at the intersection of Fox Rd

no known remnants

Reverend John Beatty of Connecticut purchased most of Perkins Township from the Firelands Company & moved his family there with a group of settlers shortly after the War Of 1812 ended. Included in the group were: Joseph Taylor, Jesse Taylor, Julius House, Holly Akins, Roswell Hubbard, Harvey Covell, Eleazer Bell, Plinney Johnson, Richard Christopher, & William Beebe. The town existed for around 100 years & had a church. Many of the pioneers & their descendants were buried in Perkins Cemetery on Beatty Ln in Sandusky.

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