Sprucevale, OH - (1835 - 1870 mill, farming, & canal town abandoned due to lack of economic opportunities)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Saint Clair Township, Columbiana County - On Sprucevale Rd. about 3 miles north of Calcutta, OH

In 1835 the Hambleton brothers platted the town of Sprucevale around a small grist mill that they had already purchased. James Hambleton (1788 - 1869) operated the mill & served on the canal board. Charles Hambleton (1790 - 1864) ran the general store & post office. Benjamin Hambleton (1786 - 1869) had a saw mill, oil mill, & another general store. Issac Hambleton (1802 - 1895) managed a wool factory. The Sandy & Beaver Canal was built through town but was badly damaged when the reservoir broke in 1852. It lost funding & maintenance as railroads in nearby towns had taken over the shipping industry. With no railroad & a dilapidated canal, Sprucevale's days were numbered. The town had over a dozen homes & twenty families at one time but everyone had left by the end of 1870.

Canal lock #42, also known as Gretchen's Lock, sits along the banks of Beaver Creek & is supposedly haunted by a girl named Gretchen Gill who died of malaria in Sprucevale. The bridge over Beaver Creek on Echo Dell Rd. is said to be haunted by Esther Hale, a bride to be whose groom took of the day before the wedding. As the story goes, Esther was found dead in her home a few months later still wearing her wedding dress.

Echo Dell Rd. in Beaver Creek State Park is also the site of Gaston's Mill which has been restored & opened to the public along with a few other old buildings. The Hambleton's Mill was restored in the 1970's & is an impressive sight to see on Sprucevale Rd. just north of Beaver Creek. Ohio Historical Marker #10 - 15 is about .5 miles north of the mill. It marks the spot where the gangster Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd met his demise in 1934 when he encountered a large group of federal agents & local police just 3 months after being declared "public enemy #1" by J. Edgar Hoover.

Carroll & Columbiana County - 1888 Ohio Map With Some Ghost Towns
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