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Atwood (Atwood Village) (Oak Dale)

Monroe Township

1888 - 1915


 40.547076 -81.2382481  on SR 542 (Lodge Rd SW) at the intersection of Fargo Rd, historical marker at the gps coordinates, Big Spring (Deep Springs) Cemetery on the west side of SR 542 (Magnolia Rd SW) on the north side of the lake, Zion Cemetery on Falls Rd south of SR 542 


38.9856244 -83.5796411  Atwood was originally called Oak Dale in the 1820's but it was never platted & the name later changed. It had 2 stores, 2 churches, a blacksmith shop, school, & town hall. The village was abandoned before the completion of a dam built for flood control in 1936.


Brown Township (formerly in Stark County)

1828 - 1840

exact location unknown

It was listed in the 1829 Ohio Gazetteer; Or Topographical Dictionary & the Ohio Gazetteer And Traveler's Guides from 1833 - 1841.


Augusta Township

1851 - 1868

exact location unknown

This postal town was listed in George W. Hawes Ohio State Gazetteer And Business Directory for 1860 - '61. William Rutledge (1829 - 1902) was the postmaster & was buried with relatives in Augusta Christian Church Cemetery on Andora Rd NE.


1855 - 1861

exact location unknown

It was founded by a branch of the Davis family in the county.

Figleys Mills

1856 - 1857

exact location unknown

The proprietors were Andrew Figley (1825 - 1897) & Eliza (Westfall) Figley (1829 - 1878). Andrew was born in Pennsylvania & Eliza in Columbiana County. They were married in Carroll County, had a few children, & owned at least one mill. Andrew & Eliza later moved to Kansas.


Orange Township

exact location unknown

The town was about halfway between Sherrodsville & Leesville on the Cleveland, Canton, & Southern Railway & was listed on the 1901 Cram map. Coal mining was the main industry.


East Township

1832 - 1842

exact location unknown

Gortin was listed as a discontinued post office in the 1843 A Table Of Post Offices In Ohio.


Perry Township

1836 - 1857

exact location unknown

It was listed in the Ohio Gazetteer And Traveler's Guide from 1837 - 1841.

North Union

1827 - 1839




Rose Township

1840 - 1864



Shobers Mills

Loudon Township

1828 - 1859












Atwood Ohio ghost town Carroll County history travel abandonedAtwood, OH (Oak Dale) - (early 1800's - 1935 farming & railroad town abandoned during the construction of Atwood Lake)

Classification: ghost town

Location: Monroe Township, Carroll County - On Rt. 542 (Lodge Rd.) at the intersection of Fargo Rd.

The town was originally called Oak Dale as early as the 1820's but the name later changed to Atwood. It was never platted or incorporated. During it's heyday there was a store, two churches, blacksmith shop, school, & a town hall. The post office ran from 1888 - 1915 & Atwood had a train station on the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad (Cleveland, Canton, & Southern Railroad). The town was abandoned shortly before the completion of a dam in 1936 that was built for flood control purposes. It also created the reservoir of Atwood Lake.

There's a village dedication plaque at the corner of Rt. 542 & Fargo Rd. The residents of Atwood were buried at Big Spring (Deep Springs) Cemetery on Rt. 542 on the north side of the lake & at the Zion Cemetery on Falls Rd. south of Rt. 542. They are two very old cemeteries but unfortunately their churches are gone. The location of the Big Spring Church is now underwater next to the cemetery on the edge of the lake & the Zion Church burned in a grass fire in 1930.

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