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38.9856244 -83.579641    exact location  unknown

38.9856244 -83.5796411

Bunns Settlement

Mohican Township

40.791765 -82.156485  on County Rd 1975 at the intersection of Co Rd 175 along Glenn Run

no known remnants

It was founded in 1809 by Benjamin Bunn (1781 - 1855) & Margaret (Hyatt) Bunn (1782 - 1843). They built a log fort blockhouse with their neighbors in 1812 for protection from the local Native Americans. Benjamin was a blacksmith by trade & enlisted to serve in the War Of 1812. The family later moved to Illinois.


Perry Township

 40.858035 -82.143844    on US 250 between Rowsburg & Muddy Fork

no known remnants

Elizabethtown was intended to be the first platted village in the township. John Raver who built the first grist & saw mill in the county put up undeveloped lots for sale around 1815 but never made any progress. 


1854 - 1858

exact location   unknown



exact location   unknown


Johnstown (Jeromestown)

Mohican Township

 40.791383 -82.202373   between County Rd 2175 & Jerome Fork 1/2 mile to a mile southwest of Jeromesville

no known remnants

This Native American settlement had around 200 residents, a council house, & 60 - 80 wigwam houses. It was abandoned when the War Of 1812 started.


Orange Township

1851 - 1865

 40.970160 -82.310738   on Co Rd 620 at the intersection of SR 511

no known remnants  

The town proprietors were Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Fast who came to Ohio from Pennsylvania & owned most of the land in the area.

Ruggles Corners

Ruggles Township

1828 - 1904

 41.029550 -82.392648    at the intersection of US 224 & Rt 60

Ruggles Township Cemetery on US 224,  many old buildings around the area

Ruggles Corners is technically a ghost town but the area still goes by the same name. It was founded by War Of 1812 veteran Daniel Beach (1785 - 1862) & Lorinda Beach (1788 - 1856) who were farmers from Connecticut. The town was named after surveyor Almon Ruggles (1771 - 1840) who was also from Connecticut. Daniel & Lorinda were buried in Ruggles Township Cemetery.

South Loudonville

Hanover Township

 40.623469 -82.241792   on SR 3 along the Black Fork of the Mohican River southwest of Loudonville

South Loudonville was a former separate town which was annexed into Loudonville. 

Tunker Settlement

Montgomery Township

exact location  unknown, was in section 16 of Montgomery Township

The town was founded by German Baptist immigrants known as Tunkers.


Hanover Township

 40.596187 -82.242915   on County Highway 3175 along the Mohican River

no known remnants

Uncas was a relatively small town, but important enough to get listed in the 1901 George Cram Atlas.

West Loudonville

Hanover Township

 40.641455 -82.242607   on N Mt Vernon Avenue along the Black Fork of the Mohican River northwest of Loudonville

It was another formerly separate town that got annexed into Loudonville as it grew.


Vermillion Township

 40.772935 -82.300578   on County Rd 30A  approximately 2 miles west of Hayesville

no known remnants

Robert Williams made a proposal for the first platted village in the township in 1829 but it never ended up happening.  

Ohio ghost town Ruggles Center Ashland County history travel abandonedRuggles, OH (Ruggles Corners, Ruggles Center) - (1820s - present farming town partially abandoned over time)

Location: Ruggles Township, Ashland County - On US 224 at the intersection of SR 60

Classification: semi - ghost town

Ruggles was settled in 1823 by Daniel Beach (1785 - 1862) & Lorinda Beach (1788 - 1856) who were farmers from Connecticut & had five children. Daniel was a veteran of the War Of 1812 & became a justice of the peace in Ruggles Township. The township was named after the land surveyor Almon Ruggles (1771 - 1840), also from Connecticut.

The township was originally in Huron County, but split from it in 1846 to make part of Ashland County. The town of Ruggles had a grocery store, blacksmith shop, shoe maker, two churches, two doctors, & a school. It also had a train station on the Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinnati Railroad, & a post office that ran from 1828 - 1904. In 1878 Charles Crittenden (1845 - 1932) built the Castle Hill Crittenden House that still sits on US 224 about a 1/2 mile west of US 250. It's currently on the National Register Of Historic Places.

The one room schoolhouse which was in operation prior to 1900 was moved across the street from its original location & is on US 224 in the middle of town. Daniel & Lorinda Beach are buried in Ruggles Township Cemetery on US 224 with many other early families. There are also lots of other old buildings, barns, & structures around Ruggles.

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