Allen County Ohio Ghost Towns Data Chart

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GPS Coordinates & Location Notes

Short Description


 Monroe Township

 40.889986 -84.109959   on Rd 13 at the intersection of Morris Rd along the old railroad path running parallel to Rt 12 between Vaughnsville & Columbus Grove, no known remnants

38.9856244 -83.57956411   It was a farming & railroad town which sat on the Northern Ohio Railway. The tracks are long gone but the path can be still be seen on satellite maps.


Amanda Township

1872 - 1884

 40.707929 -84.278377   on Armstrong RdAmanda Church & Cemetery on S Conant Rd, Agape Fellowship Ministries on Armstorng Rd, a few other old buildings in the area

Armstrong was founded c. 1842 when a flour mill was built by Tone & Co. The post office moved to Conant when the new village won the bid for a train station on the Chicago & Atlantic Railroad. Armstrong got left in the dust...


Bath Township

exact location unknown


Blue Lick

Bath Township

1854 - 1875

 40.789016 -84.052119   on E Bluelick Rd at the intersection of Slabtown Rd, general store still in operation, Blue Lick United Methodist Church & Cemetery west of the store  

Named after the natural salt infused springs in the area, it's technically a former town but the area still goes by the same name & is now in Slabtown according to satellite maps. 


Marion Township

1858 - 1859

 40.803064 -84.309466   on Bliss Rd near the intersection with Lehman Rd, no known remnants

The town was founded by the Cramer family that lived in the area. Reuben & Dahn Cramer still owned land there in 1880.


Auglaize Township

1857 - 1860

exact location unknown

Founded by the Donnels family, the surname also has alternative spellings.


1839 - 1851

exact location unknown



1874 - 1875

exact location unknown



Amanda Township

 40.739498 -84.316236   on N Defiance Trail between the jog in Allentown Rd (SR 81) Hartford Christian Church & Cemetery

Hartford was a farming & religious town founded & named by Christian settlers who bought lots from a land company out of Hartford, CT. Most of the residents moved to Spencerville when it was platted as the Miami & Erie Canal opened there in 1844.

Middle Spring

Amanda Township

1861 - 1865

exact location unknown

It was a farming & postal town named after a local spring.


Marion Township

 40.779438 -84.307854   on Defiance Trail N at the intersection of Bloomlock Rd, old part of Marion Baptist Church with a newer addition



Sugar Creek or American Township (formerly German)

exact location unknown, was between Gomer & Lima

By definition of the word it may have been a tramp or shanty village & considered a rough area.

Sugar Creek Settlement

Bath Township

40.788396 -84.102164   on E Bluelick Rd between N West St (SR 65) & N Sugar St, historical marker at GPS coordinates, Salt Creek Church & Pioneer Cemetery next to it

Bath was founded in 1824 by Christopher Stark Wood (1772 - 1855). It was the first settlement in Allen County & the township grew out of the settlement. Wood later moved to Indiana.

Sulphur Springs

exact location unknown, Northwest of Lima

The town was named after the natural sulphur infused springs in the area.

Tawa Town (Tauwas)

Amanda Township

 40.685867 -84.262296   two historical markers at gps coordinates

It was a native town abandoned c. 1817 & was along the easiest canoe route going from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.


Perry Township

exact location unknown, was in section 3 of Perry Township

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